Being a Tissue Donor is a noble decision.
Here are the steps.

Step 1: Do the homework

Do your homework. Learn more about tissue donation so you can make an educated decision. If you have any questions, see our Tissue Donation FAQ.

Step 2: Register as a Donor

Register as a Donor. Go to and fill out their online forms.

Step 3: Talk to Your Family

Remind your family and make your wishes known.

Give Money

There are more ways to support The Tissue Center’s mission. Monetary donations help us to continue providing donation services to Central Texas.Give Money

Give Time

We rely on the generosity of our volunteers to become tissue donation advocates within the community, and provide support to the Tissue Center team.VOLUNTEER

Erin’s Story

By becoming a regular blood donor, Erin realized that tissue donation can also enhance and potentially save lives. “Tissue donation is always going to help someone. One day, that someone could be me.”

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